Thursday, May 01, 2008

Session 2...

Question for the masses: as a 'living construct', should Warforged be subject to Charm Person?

I didn't see anything that directly said they wouldn't be affected by Charm Person, but they are considered 'living construct' as opposed to Humanoid - or would they be Humanoid (Living Construct) in which case they would likely be affected...

Anyway, they advanced the module story a bit and discovered the underground forge but we had to stop there as it was sometime around midnight. The haven't found what they're looking for yet. I guess we'll resolve that next session.

I do admit I was a little surprised at the length of one of the encounters and shocked by the CR of a certain creature used in an encounter.

The long encounter was one that could have been dangerous had the lead party member (the Rogue) not spotted the hidden enemy. He would have attacked the last person in the group and they would have faced Sneak Attack damage - 2d6 damage is pretty hefty when you're dealing with first level characters. The rogue spotted him and drew his weapon, revealing that he saw the hidden Warforged who started the round by falling back to his allies. This combat took a bit long though not due to anything other than the group having bad luck.

Glaekan, one of the group's Clerics almost died in this fight. I suspect he was close to 0 if not actually at 0 HPs. "42", the group's Warforged Fighter, took quite a beating too.

As for the creature with the surprising CR, well, it was a Horrid Rat. You take the Rat creature and apply the "Horrid" template to it. This template seems to give them a high natural armor bonus, increase the damage die a little, add acidic saliva and make them almost impossible to reason with. End result is a 1 Hit Die creature with an AC of 20, a bite attack at about +4 to hit which does 1d6 damage+1d6 acid damage+possible infection with Filth Fever (disease).


After reading all that, I was going to pull one off the board but the group didn't want to be denied their morsel of XP (hehe).

I was really surprised they all survived and it came close a couple of times. At the end of the night, they all hit level two.

Go go Evil team!


Scott said...

Aside from any (un)official rules or mechanics, do you/they consider Warforged to be "people" therefore under the realm of affect for Charm Person?

It seems rather like Pinocchio... is he a real boy? :)

KRJM said...

Yeah, Glaekan was at 0. That's why he "dropped" ;-)

As for the warforged, stick to the rules. If the creature description doesn't say humanoid, and the spell says humanoid, then it's not affected.

That's the way I would have done it.

SmakenDahed said...

Scott, according to the Thronehold Treaty, Warforged are people too. :P Do they mention that in DDO?

Actually, the ECS (sourcebook) classifies them as having the Living Construct subtype which isn't the typical "Humanoid" type.

I'll have to take a look in the MM3 and see what they classify them as there.

I do agree with the other Scott (in my group), that it does seem to be yet another round about benefit they get.